help this blog report sustainability puzzles like these:
M) Keynes said economists rule the world in such a way that they compound greatest threat and opportunity to children depending on how Massively they value children
A) The Economist's 20th C Keynsian defined sustainability of net generation and millennials round how joyfully educators are free to value children's Actions and open society
P) do you see dubai or somewhere else as valuing children most?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

 DC with ICAF June30 - what else can childrens olympiads do apart from promote celebrities of sport and fashion

interviewee list to include
founder of childrens olympiad - next celebration 30 june washington dc

convenors supporting rome olympics 2024 -most recent interview feb 2015 -resources 3d rome; rome as history of humankind; launch of new underground colliseum of yoyth cultures...

michael palin bbc broadcater on cultural integration- latest focus brazil ahead of 2016 olympics

since 2007 diary of muhammad yunus dreams of  celebrating olympics and youth

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

From ICAF founder – the IMF had asked me to write on the global digital divide in 2001. Thankfully the paper’s data are totally dated, but sadly the conclusion (and intro) remain valid >

On peace-building, you might like the paper I wrote at the invitation of The Lancet >

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Each quarter the magazine focuses on an important theme to nurture creativity and foster global understanding.
ChildArt is an extraordinary channel for our creative leaders to directly address the next generation and for children to learn from these leaders lifelong experiences and expertise. Written expressly for 10 to 12 year olds, ChildArthelps parents and teachers nurture creativity and empathy for a better world. The magazine's powerful visuals and design makes it fun reading for creative people of all ages.
ChildArt promotes STEAMS education where A for the arts and S for sports (and play) are integrated into STEM disciplinesfor childrens holistic education.
Annual subscription is $30 (US) and $40 (International).
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ChildArt Themes for 2015/2016:
Music & Education (January - March 2015)
Water & the World (April - June 2015)
5th World Children’s Festival (July - September 2015)
Preview of the global celebration of Creativity, Diversity, and Unity to take place at 12th Street to 14th Street of The National Mall in Washington, D.C. on July 2-4, 2015.
Celebrate Creativity, Diversity and Unity (October- December 2015)
A colorful summary of events at the 5th World Children’s Festival so teachers or parents can organize the same educational workshops and activities at school or home.
Design Learning (January - March 2016) 
Guest Editor: Doris Wells-Papa
Space Art (April-June 2016)
Guest Editor: Richard Clar
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